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obama will accept the democratic party's nomination. one question is whether clinton help him or harm him. nearly four years after running on a program of open change and yes, we can, the tone sounds more like nobody could have. while absolving president obama, the president's acceptance speech is expected to post this on promises kept. tonight will, we'll take a look at some promises broken. we will take this up with the republican national committee director sean spicer, ed rollins and joe trippi. and president clinton delivering a rousing speech last night in the current president's defense. but where his facts worthy of being called facts? we will look at tonight choctaw. the top story tonight from the president's campaign team releasing a preview of tonight's acceptance speech in title promises kept, the video highlighting the president considers his achievements since taking office in 2009. >> because of an economy markets, like this, laster and we should do is raise taxes. >> arrigo lou: it is a series of massive tax increases. the penalty of not having health insurance takes e
. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president obama ordering heightened security for u.s. interests and personal overseas. following the murder of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya and what appears to be a coordinated contemporaneous attack on the american embassy in cairo. president obama tonight embroiled in controversy as his administration is forced to rationalize to state department apologies to radical islamists run into conflict with the anti-mohammed movie. we bring you the latest developments tonight. and an analysis by ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. and doctor walid phares. former pentagon official kt mcfarland. bringing you up-to-date on what is happening in washington and the middle east. two of our outpost attacked on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks 11 years ago. in egypt, the american embassy staff were assessing reports of a possible demonstration outside the embassy in cairo. the embassy sent out a message, that was sympathetic to muslims, upset by the movie, tweeting that we condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individ
time convincing people? >> obama's says the rate things but specifically not reading marijuana medical facilities. what about perpetual war? will be continued the unsustainable that? just spoke libertarian the one time. >> and don't know the libertarian party likes that very much. [laughter] john: they q4 been there with the politicians. so i don't have to. >> thank you, john. john: we will do was show on third parties and you can learn more about president gary johnson would do. what about the republican war on women? john: wall comeback to the post democratic convention in the coverage. what three people faint of what do they hundred -- to what they heard? we have mark meckler, hadley and mark glesby. kennedy talked about being pro-choice but why is that just abortion? is that all women care about >> i cannot look up to see our economy is crumbling and unemployment rate. >> but stick to choice. >> they use the word but we heard euphemisms for women to decide that choice they just say abortion because any other will be dictated through the government with the health care system. obama
. a surprised expression of empathy and comprehension from president obama who said he understands why the muslim world has erupted in the demonstrations marked by all out american hatred. >> the natural protest that are because of the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm u.s. interests. lou: also surprising president obama declining to cease the opportunity to champion the americans right to free speech or address the relationship between the united states and the muslim world. we take all of that up here tonight with former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton and robert maginnis and douglas holtz-eakin joins us and the author of the book ed klein. the obama administration still back the length over the handling of the september 11 terrorist attack in benghazi that killed three americans and the ambassador. the first terrorist attack on this president watch. ed henry with our report. >> another day. another version of exactly what went down in libya nearly two weeks ago. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> t
're for obama. (laughter) >> that blew me away i worked hard for it, but we spend it. that's ridiculous, that's crazy. and i just don't get it. by the way, i thought the democratic convention was so mean-spirited, so anti-american, that it's hard for me to believe this country is tilting in that direction. >> i was-- i'm fascinated by the political strategy here, just without taking a side, the democrats are out there saying, we want -- you know, we love the free market system, we just want to create this safety net just in case you have another 2008. the republicans saying, kind of the flip side of that. now, we're free market, but we are -- we are making these cuts so we can, you know, just in case anything happens, you do have a safety net. and they're both coming out with a sort interesting variations on the same theme. >> neil: you know, ben stein. you have to look at it. one thing i did notice is that both are very comfortable like i said, their own respective skin. and republicans are a funny time with, you know, mitt romney early on and embracing bain capital and an intra party fight
president obama, memorialized ambassador stevens in a speech to the united nations general assembly. a speech in which the president did not say the words assassination, murder, or terrorism in relation to the ambassador's death. the president is once again blamed the terrorist strike against our consulates and the murders of four americans on a low-budget amateurish, anti-islam, almost 14-minute-long youtube video that had been on line for months before the attack. >> in every country there are those who find different religious beliefs threatening. that is what we saw play out in the last two weeks. the crude and disgusting video that sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. lou: the president did brave the assault on citizenry and blasted a run for propping up the regime is, supporting terrorism, and for refusing to prove that their nuclear ambitions are peaceful. >> just as it restrains the rights of its own people the iranian government continues to prop up the dictator in damascus and supports terrorist groups abroad. time and again it has failed to take the up today to de
am lori rothman in for lou dobbs. more bad timing for president obama. a lackluster jobs report. hours after a big pitch to the dnc with just 60 days before the presidential election, an economy that appears to be stuck in neutral. second term aspirations. we take that up here tonight. also tonight, elaine chao offers her perspective on how to the this put this country back to work. also ahead, ben bernanke on the verge. kevin hassett is here and archbishop dolan during the dnc benediction last night. we will play the tape and let you decide. first, the obama and romney campaign. crisscrossing in iowa and vermont. >> we have been there and we have tried what they are selling. it didn't work then and it's not going to work now. we are moving forward. as was pointed out in the convention, there is a basic component missing from this plan. it's called math. [laughter] arithmetic. lori: there is no arguing with this guy. the economy adding a measly amount of jobs last month, 96,000. it would be good if not for the 400,000 people who drop out of the workforce altogether last month. v
to renominate president obama at the democratic national convention in charlotte. unlike four years ago this event is expected to be a much more toned down affair. in 2008, hundreds of thousands tuned in to watch then senator obama accept his party's presidential nomination, enormous greek columns flanked the stage of hollywood. but democratic voters not as fired up this time around. a gallup poll 79% of democrats more enthusiastic of voting compared to 51% of republicans who say they are. that's not the only problem plaguing the dnc convention, high pro vile democrats actively encouraging members of congress to skip the three-day convention to stay home and campaign in their districts and the question whether former president clinton will upstage president obama. clinton, getting up prime time speaking slot wednesday, taking the stage one night before president obama. but having the former president there could back fire. by reminding voters of the sharp contrast between the two presidents. clinton oversaw a boom economy in the 1990's. this president has overseen 42 straight months of
from have a great night. lou: good evening, everybody. i am lou dobbs and this is the obama campaign's newest political ad. pushing messages that seem to contradict the obama philosophy and agenda. >> i am not looking for a handout. i don't think anybody is ever looking for a handout. i think that we all want chances and opportunities. >> if you try to separate by demographics and classes, you're not really president you want here is the president in his own words on the politics of wealth redistribution and class warfare. >> and the trick is figuring out how to restructure government systems that pool resources and facilitate some redistribution. i actually believe in redistribution. i just want to make sure that everybody who is behind this that they have a chance at success too. when you spread the word around, it's good for everybody. i was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. my wife michelle is was not. but somebody give us a chance. >> if you have a business -- you did not know that. somebody else made that happen. lou: the romney campaign message is direct. president oba
. that's all the money we have. gerri: tonight, the obama campaign scaling back expectations as president obama gets ready to accept the democratic nomination. described as a fact ticker's nightmare. separating fact from fiction. welcome to "the willis report." gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. on the eve of the august jobs report president obama is presenting his case to keep this out, becoming one night after former president bill clinton's fiery speech as obama already over -- been overshadowed before you walk onstage to back with more on this, new york post columnist of the dnc. founder of the reagan group. i want to start with you. and going to have to cut you both by your last name. let's start with you. what can we expect tonight? is the president going to be overshadowed by bill clinton? >> i think last night he was probably over several lot. there's probably a point to the speech last night where the obama people were saying, my god, get off the states, leaving some room here. it's going to be hard to outdo bill clinton less night. tonight barack obama will do what they
during the obama administration. rick, romney may have been running for president forever, but obama has been president for almost -- you know, for 3 1/2 years. >> and it seems forever. >> only to some of us. >> we're not going get the median incomes up until income growth up. simplification has been to do be done. obama takes no interest in this. rick, when was the last time you even heard president obama talk about growth? >> let me actually switch -- let me switch to mark now. mark, what do you think of the obama tax plan? >> well, look, i don't know if obama has really a tax plan, but i don't think the problem is taxes here. i think the problem is people don't have an income. the reason they don't have an income, they don't have jobs. we have a demand problem in the economy, not a tax problem. cutting taxes, if you have no income, does not make any difference. we need to stimulate demand. how can we stimulate demand? we can do it in a variety of ways, but cutting taxes is not going to get us where we want to go. >> victoria, the message of mitt romney, and a lot of people, is if you
president obama's reelection bid? new polls show that the president, the president is ahead in the key swing states, but we also have the latest national tracking poll from rasmussen. we will have the numbers next. plus we're monitoring events in the middle east as friday prayers come to an end. ambassador john bolton is with us. can economic prosperity ever really spread in that region? we'll ask him and he's next. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special opsission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. >> breaking news. egypt's muslim brotherhood is canceling protests this afternoon and see if it's followed by the people on the streets. and we're following it closely for update two b
. president obama, and iranian mad man, mahmoud ahmadinejad is in this great city of ours at this hour, leader of the freeze world choosing to hang out with the ladies of the view, while mahmoud ahmadinejad reiterates his threats against israel, this time from american soil. president, signing secretary of state hillary clinton to deal with world leaders who asked to meet with the president of the united states, of some of these world leaders part of a trouble fusioa --troubling new trend thy they can tell the most powerful nation on earth what to do. telling new york time over the week that america needs to find more respect for muslim values, the united states must respect the arab world's history and culture even when that conflicts with western values, pakistan foreign minister, questioning our constitution, saying that american which rethink its commitment to freedom of speech, and benjamin netanyahu urging president obama to accept a red line regarding iran's nuclear ambitions, a line that if crossed would compel the u.s. to act militarily, meanwhile, president obama downplays the signif
is the same day the national debt reaches $16 trillion. when mr. obama was asked to grade his performance, he gave himself and incomplete. we take that appear tonight. also at the convention, pursley michele obama tonight with a full on speech about her ambitions for another four years. can the democrats make an effective case for four more years in white the white house? the author of the best-selling book, aaron klein joins us. he is the author of "fool me twice." glad blakeman joining us as well. nancy pelosi stands idly by. all of that here tonight and more. one of the most important questions facing voters this year is has the president delivered on his promises to the american people. president obama himself refusing to give his performance on the economy a letter grade. as the national debt today hits $16 trillion. the president, settling instead for incomplete. the third time in as many years that he is offered that assessment. and a serious change in tone from four years ago when senator obama told voters that he knew he had only one term to turn things around. >> one nice thing abou
. is this a political move here? >> absolutely. look at the timing. a week after the democratic convention, mr. obama wants come up with something to talk about every week. to keep our focus away from the terrible jobs numbers, the sorry state of the economy, and frankly all the nonsense that continues to go on on wall street. gerri: nonsense is right. the government is cutting its stake. cutting the state and half have now. that is certainly good news. will this lead ultimately -- how soon can we untangle the rest of us. >> i was thinking over the next year or two they can do that. aig is doing quite well. it just gone into this terrible habit of ensuring these mortgage-backed securities through a separate entity. and i think that aig has a bright future as an independent company. >> they still owe the federal government money, that include a number of things including allied financial, 300 small banks still a less money. fannie and freddie, the biggest of these. this is coming to me, the big kahuna. how do we get out of this one? >> it's going to be very difficult. look at general motors. it is pro
evening, see you back here tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. president obama is on resurgence. president obama back in the lead in fundraising. for the first time in three months the romney campaign be concerned? who will pick it up tonight. you heard the campaign mantra, forward. ron christie says it should be blackwardsl. and walking off the job abandoning hundreds of thousands of students with a struggle for health care. and why are the markets mostly moving higher in the face of stagnating economic growth? chief investment strategist charles schwab is with us. we begin with good news from the president, bad news for governor romney. who was in ohio today and did not seem fazed in the least. >> forward is a campaign, then forewarned is a better term. we know what would happen. we would see more massive deficits, more years of uncertainty in this country. lou: the latest democratic public-policy poll shows the governor ahead. the trend continuing in other swing states as well. it has a president ahead of mitt romney and nine out of 10 swing states except north carolina. nati
suggests the obama administration has been involved in an outright cover up. there are reports tonight that officials within the administration were concerned from the very beginning about the message the white house chose to push after the attack. the attack that was spontaneous they said, and not at all the work of terrorists. here's white house spokesman jay carney back on the 14th of september. >> the incident in benghazi, as well as elsewhere, but these are all being investigated, what i'm saying is that we have no evidence at this time to suggest otherwise, that there was a preplanned or alterior investigation behind the unrest. my point was that we don't have and did not have concrete evidence to suggest that this was not in reaction to the film. lou: he's referring to the almost car toonish anti-islam youtube video that the president and his administration have blamed from the outset despite the claims by intelligent sources that the obama administration knew within a matter of hours that the assassination of am ambassador stevens and three other americans was carried out by te
that senator obama had lived his life. fighting for jobs, giving hope to the hopeless and working day in and day out for the america he believed in. i was inspired by barack obama's vision for america, an america where we look out for one another and take responsibility for our sisters and brothers. today i am inspired by his record. a belief that each of us give back to this country we love, and all of us work together. there is no challenge that we cannot overcome. those are the ideals that my father and my uncle fought for. those are the ideals that i believe in. this election is about whether we will advance those ideals or let them be swept away. like my father's election in 1960, this is one of those elections where the future of our country is at stake. women and children have the most on the line. it is to make sure that women can fight for equal pay for equal work. neil: you are watching caroline kennedy. if you think about how important that early kennedy endorsement wants to then senator barack obama, when the push was to see edward kennedy, supporting hillary clinton, ted
americans. [cheers and applause] but on these issues i know we are better off because obama's obeyed the decisions that he did. that brings me to health care. [cheers and applause] republicans called it obamacare. they say it is a government takeover, and a disaster and if they are elected they are they right? let's take a look at what has actually happened so far. let's look. individuals and businesses have already gotten more than $1 billion in refunds from insurance companies because your premium pass to go to health care not profits or promotions. [cheers and applause] a bunch of insurance companies will lower the right of the requirements. many are insured for the first time. third, millions of other seniors in the of the people get them. fourth, the insurance companies will have millions of new customers, and many middle-class people with pre-existing conditions who could never get insurance before. [cheers and applause] finally, "this is it." for the last two years building up three times of inflation, health care costs have been under 4% for the first time in 50 years. [cheer
at that. your share is nearly 51,000.pep. don't forget to record our show. melissa: senator obama will accept his party's and nomination in 2008. enormous greek columns flanked the stage. polls show that democratic voters are not as tired of this time around. a recent gallup poll showing 39% of democrats, more enthusiastic about voting compared to 51% of republicans who say that they are. that is not the only problem plaguing the dnc convention. high-profile democrats encouraging members of congress to skip the three-day convention to stay home and campaign in their districts. there is also the question of whether former president clinton will upstage president obama. clinton, as a primetime speaking spot on wednesday, taking the stage one night for president obama. having a former president there could backfire. by reminding voters of the sharp contrast between the two presidents. clinton oversaw a boom economy in the 1990s. this president is overseeing 42 straight months of unemployment above 8%. the worst economic recovery since the great depression. as a result, president obam
. it will be in bankruptcy again. obama is a good speech giver but what the idiotic statement. hallelujah. osama bin laden is dead. gm is alive for now. it has cost billions of dollars the stock continues to decline. john: now we don't know where the money might have gone. >> crony capitalism at its worst. they reorganize the company, laid people off and ignored the differences. the administration violated bankruptcy law, screwed the bondholders and a lost money for the taxpayer at the same time. >> kaltbaum acknowledged there are some things that government can do. but he did not say what they should your should not do. john: then they will do that. >> is clear that is not what he believes or his philosophy. john: america's biggest problem is we're going broke. $16 trillion the politicians are stealing from my kids. what will the democrats do about back? anything? next. [applause] [applause] john: at the convention and every speaker talks about how somebody grew up four. >> my mom worked so we could hang on to our house. >> it was not easy. we were on food stamps the. >> my grandmother's spent her life w
and we will see you back here tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. i am lou dobbs. tonight, the obama administration has finally admitted that the united states wasn't he the victim of a terrorist attack last tuesday on the anniversary of september 11. the middle east is still raging with anti-american anger and more violence. you are looking at pictures from angry mobs today trying to storm the u.s. embassy for a second straight day. pakistani police using shipping containers to block off a road to the embassy, firing tear gas in some cases come those protesters themselves were met by throwing rocks. the protesters burned the police checkpoint to the ground. fifteen police were reportedly hospitalized. the u.s. consulate the target of muslim rage. hundreds of students and teachers gathered and carried signs depicting president obama as a dog. they burned president obama in effigy. the unrest continues throughout the region in afghanistan hundreds chanted death to america and long live as long. a similar scene in iran. hundreds of students and people were chanting death to france and
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 360 (some duplicates have been removed)